Tracking Performance in an Interview

When it comes time for an interview, deciphering whether a person will be a good fit for your business or not can be tough. The decision lies in the search for two things; shared set of core values as your company and their perspective of high performance is the same as yours.

Stapplication cover sheeteps must be taken to find the answer of whether or not the applicant is going to be a culture fit and performance match. First, things first a process for interviewing must be established (read more on our process here: Having the discipline of following the system set in place creates retention.

In order to accurately assess a person’s performance you have to experience it firsthand. This is precisely why we ask applicants to do an activity before they even sit down for the interview. We than can witness how the applicant performs under pressure, how creative they can be and what their view if A+ is.

The data we acquire during the activity can be used for interview questions. For instance, one question you may ask is “If you could rewind the tape and do the activity over again what would you do differently?” This question alone will reveal how open this applicant is to improvement and their willingness to learn.

Revealing an applicant’s past performance is all about questions. Which type of questions will get to the bulls eye of what you are looking for? Want to know if they are trustworthy? Willing to step into conflict? Work well on a team? Ask for the applicant to share a time when they demonstrated each of these key traits. The true characteristics of an applicant will be revealed in the stories they share. Track whether the applicant is using the same values as the company in their stories.


Focusing on culture fit and performance match as the criteria in interviews allows you to connect specific data. Concentrating on these two areas for hiring will allow you to bring on team members that will ramp up the performance of your existing team and contribute to the culture.


Guest Blog Post By: Kelsey Smith

Director of Nick’s U: Dynamic Culture & Leadership Education