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Mindfulness (Meta-cognition): On Purpose

Last week I finished another fantastic two day workshop with Rudy Miick teaching our Trust-and-Track Leadership model and his conscious communication tool set. Each person in the organization we worked with shared how they were profoundly moved over the two days and grateful for the real life applications. No doubt this is amazing work!  I often find myself having a hard time explaining “how” we are teaching mindfulness (meta-cognition) and it’s potential in business (and life). Here is a great, scientific explanation from Dr. Joe Dispenza in his short TEDx Talk.

Or, if you’d like to experience this life-changing work first hand, you could always join us for one of our Nick’s University workshops!

Is It Following a Dream or BE-ing On Purpose?

It’s crazy how the universe works sometimes.  As I built my company and made the choices I did along the way to create the type of company I would be proud to work for, good things started to happen.  We (both myself personally and our company) started to get recognized for more than just the product we made and served.  I used these positive cues in my life as a compass, a directional guide to support my journey.
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A Slice of the Pie: On Purpose

“Time slips. Days pass. Years fade. Life ends.
And what we came to do on earth must be done while there is time!”
― Milan Jed

Happy anniversary A Slice of the Pie!

Yes, time seems to pass fast – it is hard to believe a whole year has gone by already since we launched this amazing body of work and I can’t help but to be extremely grateful!  The first thing that comes from my heart is my gratitude to all the great people I get to work side by side with at Nick’s Pizza & Pub because without them there wouldn’t be a company, or a book, or a collective purpose for us.  When I opened my first restaurant in 1995, I never expected or even could have imaged all that has come to fruition.  With these great people at Nick’s, past and present, we have built a great place and now we have gotten to share it with the world.  Which leads me to the next phase of gratitude, our book.
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