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Become a Trust and Track Leader

There is a choice every leader must make about whether they want to be the type of leader that drives development or stifles it. Trust-and-Track leaders cultivate creativity, accelerate innovation and idea generation and not only welcome, but also encourage individuality. Trust-and-Track leaders aim to be coaches instead of cops. The more and more we define what a Trust-and-Track leader is the more the leader’s behavior becomes a motivating factor and the systems become the foundation to build on. These steps are not ordered for purpose but rather are looked at as a cohesive way of approaching how to become a Trust-and-Track leader:

  1. A belief that people want to do their best.  This belief is internal and what is used to define systems with the thought that people wake up every morning wanting to do their best.  One of the systems that support this belief at Nick’s Pizza & Pub is our Ops cards system. These cards define all of the daily responsibilities that each work group has and is based on the honor system. When a team member completes their card they turn it to green and essentially sign a contract saying they have completed everything on the card.
  2. A clear sense of Purpose & Values that get used. Having a clear, specific Purpose for the organization and a clear set of Values defined drive behavior and are essential in recognizing the positive behaviors we want to see more of, instead of catching the wrong. 
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3 Ways to Support Millennials in the Workplace

Guest Blog by Kelsey Smith

Today we hear more and more talk about the millennial generation and the impact they are having on our workplaces. Both positive and negative there is a lot of buzz about the work ethic of this generation. There is the opinion that Millennial’s are lazy and entitled and that they aren’t as hard working. Personally I believe that this generation has been raised to understand that anything is possible and it is that desire to make things happen that often gets in the way of the success. Too often they are so focused on the end result that they aren’t slowing down enough to capture the exact steps needed to occur in order for success to be reached.

With 70% of our team at Nick’s Pizza & Pub under the age of 25, we have vast experience developing the skills of this millennial generation.
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Hiring for Retention: On Purpose

Do you have trouble hiring accountable team members? How do you ensure that the applicants you hire will fit in your business? At Nick’s Pizza & Pub we place our Purpose and Values on the cover sheet of our application. When an applicant seeks a position at Nick’s our hosts hand them an application and say:
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