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3 Ways to Support Millennials in the Workplace

Guest Blog by Kelsey Smith

Today we hear more and more talk about the millennial generation and the impact they are having on our workplaces. Both positive and negative there is a lot of buzz about the work ethic of this generation. There is the opinion that Millennial’s are lazy and entitled and that they aren’t as hard working. Personally I believe that this generation has been raised to understand that anything is possible and it is that desire to make things happen that often gets in the way of the success. Too often they are so focused on the end result that they aren’t slowing down enough to capture the exact steps needed to occur in order for success to be reached.

With 70% of our team at Nick’s Pizza & Pub under the age of 25, we have vast experience developing the skills of this millennial generation.
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Hiring for Retention: On Purpose

Do you have trouble hiring accountable team members? How do you ensure that the applicants you hire will fit in your business? At Nick’s Pizza & Pub we place our Purpose and Values on the cover sheet of our application. When an applicant seeks a position at Nick’s our hosts hand them an application and say:
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Mindfulness (Meta-cognition): On Purpose

Last week I finished another fantastic two day workshop with Rudy Miick teaching our Trust-and-Track Leadership model and his conscious communication tool set. Each person in the organization we worked with shared how they were profoundly moved over the two days and grateful for the real life applications. No doubt this is amazing work!  I often find myself having a hard time explaining “how” we are teaching mindfulness (meta-cognition) and it’s potential in business (and life). Here is a great, scientific explanation from Dr. Joe Dispenza in his short TEDx Talk.

Or, if you’d like to experience this life-changing work first hand, you could always join us for one of our Nick’s University workshops!