How to Motivate Your Team

What are the best ways to motivate your team? A lot of opinions exist on how to gain the most productivity out of your team.  Many companies feel a bonus structure or monetary reward will spark motivation in their team and for us, we know the way we run our business motivates our team to high performance. The type of systems we have built into our purpose driven culture drive motivation in each person on our team.

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Reach for Ops cards

Become a Trust and Track Leader

There is a choice every leader must make about whether they want to be the type of leader that drives development or stifles it. Trust-and-Track leaders cultivate creativity, accelerate innovation and idea generation and not only welcome, but also encourage individuality. Trust-and-Track leaders aim to be coaches instead of cops. The more and more we define what a Trust-and-Track leader is the more the leader’s behavior becomes a motivating factor and the systems become the foundation to build on.

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